Album Review: “Meant to Love” by Rob Vischer

Meant to Love album art

Rob Vischer has been in the music industry for three years now.  After a cross-country biking adventure, he decided to give music a try and began his life as a full time musician.  Since hitting the scene in 2010, he has released two albums.  His first album released, “The Best Is Yet To Come”, proved to be quite profitable as it allowed him perform his music at various venues and also provided needed funds for his new album “Meant to Love”.

 “Meant to Love” is composed of 11 tracks and offers listeners a blend of indie, rock, alternative, and pop song styles.  Influenced by Death Cab For Cutie, Fun, Muse, and Snow Patrol; Rob Vischer creates a sound all on his own.  Love is the general theme for the entire album and each song consists of heartfelt lyrics, upbeat melodies, and great vocals.

The album begins with the single “Love For A Lifetime”, which has been licensed for Allegiance Health TV ads.  This song is so catchy you will fall in love with it instantly, I promise!  Following “Love For A Lifetime” is the happy-go-lucky single, “Once Again”, in which Vischer makes it impossible not to smile when listening to this song.  The title track, “Meant To Love”, feels much like the heart of the album.  Blends of soft piano keys and guitar chords keep the melody going with drums for added emphasis.  The song crescendos to the bridge “You gotta have faith if you wanna believe in love” which lyrically, seems to be the pivot point of this song.  “Hourglass” begins with driving drum beats and is brought to life with clapping and peppy guitar chords.  Lyrics and vocals make it fun to sing along.  “DNA” is one of my personal favorites on the album.  Composed of beautiful lyrics and growing crescendos, it feels very personal and encouraging, leaving you feeling empowered.  “Without Love” is a change to the previous happy-go-lucky love songs on this cd.  In contrast, it describes life without love by using peaceful and heart wrenching melodies.  Instruments and background vocals beautifully illustrate the broken heartedness of the lyrics.  “Airwaves & Envelopes” explains how time and distance can make relationships fizzle out and even though it may be hard, we need to pick up and move on.  While the lyrics are anything but a love song, the upbeat melody and song evolution helps express security in being along and leaves you feeling hopeful.  Following “Airwaves & Envelopes” is perhaps the sweetest love song on the album.  “Like This” describes a fairytale romance and would make a perfect wedding song.  “Never Not Love You” is a song about love facing all odds.  Guitar chords and drum beats continue from beginning to end of the song and support the lyrics.  Personally, I’ve added a new song to my holiday collection with “Neon Mistletoe” as it describes being in love on New Years Eve.  Violins, guitars, and percussion help to make the song happy and enchanting.  Last but definitely not least is, fan favorite, “Evening News” which provides depth and soul to the end of the album.  Gripping lyrics encourages listeners for change and gives hope for the future.

After having the privilege of listening to “Meant To Love”, I guarantee that this cd will keep you singing and clapping along from beginning to end!  Personally, each time that I listen to it I fall even more in love with the melodies and catchy lyrics!  Rob Vischer is an extremely talented musician and I am so excited to see what God has in store for him and his bright future in the music industry!

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