Album Review: “Meant to Love” by Rob Vischer

Meant to Love album art

Rob Vischer has been in the music industry for three years now.  After a cross-country biking adventure, he decided to give music a try and began his life as a full time musician.  Since hitting the scene in 2010, he has released two albums.  His first album released, “The Best Is Yet To Come”, proved to be quite profitable as it allowed him perform his music at various venues and also provided needed funds for his new album “Meant to Love”.

 “Meant to Love” is composed of 11 tracks and offers listeners a blend of indie, rock, alternative, and pop song styles.  Influenced by Death Cab For Cutie, Fun, Muse, and Snow Patrol; Rob Vischer creates a sound all on his own.  Love is the general theme for the entire album and each song consists of heartfelt lyrics, upbeat melodies, and great vocals.

The album begins with the single “Love For A Lifetime”, which has been licensed for Allegiance Health TV ads.  This song is so catchy you will fall in love with it instantly, I promise!  Following “Love For A Lifetime” is the happy-go-lucky single, “Once Again”, in which Vischer makes it impossible not to smile when listening to this song.  The title track, “Meant To Love”, feels much like the heart of the album.  Blends of soft piano keys and guitar chords keep the melody going with drums for added emphasis.  The song crescendos to the bridge “You gotta have faith if you wanna believe in love” which lyrically, seems to be the pivot point of this song.  “Hourglass” begins with driving drum beats and is brought to life with clapping and peppy guitar chords.  Lyrics and vocals make it fun to sing along.  “DNA” is one of my personal favorites on the album.  Composed of beautiful lyrics and growing crescendos, it feels very personal and encouraging, leaving you feeling empowered.  “Without Love” is a change to the previous happy-go-lucky love songs on this cd.  In contrast, it describes life without love by using peaceful and heart wrenching melodies.  Instruments and background vocals beautifully illustrate the broken heartedness of the lyrics.  “Airwaves & Envelopes” explains how time and distance can make relationships fizzle out and even though it may be hard, we need to pick up and move on.  While the lyrics are anything but a love song, the upbeat melody and song evolution helps express security in being along and leaves you feeling hopeful.  Following “Airwaves & Envelopes” is perhaps the sweetest love song on the album.  “Like This” describes a fairytale romance and would make a perfect wedding song.  “Never Not Love You” is a song about love facing all odds.  Guitar chords and drum beats continue from beginning to end of the song and support the lyrics.  Personally, I’ve added a new song to my holiday collection with “Neon Mistletoe” as it describes being in love on New Years Eve.  Violins, guitars, and percussion help to make the song happy and enchanting.  Last but definitely not least is, fan favorite, “Evening News” which provides depth and soul to the end of the album.  Gripping lyrics encourages listeners for change and gives hope for the future.

After having the privilege of listening to “Meant To Love”, I guarantee that this cd will keep you singing and clapping along from beginning to end!  Personally, each time that I listen to it I fall even more in love with the melodies and catchy lyrics!  Rob Vischer is an extremely talented musician and I am so excited to see what God has in store for him and his bright future in the music industry!

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On The Rise – “The Protest”

The Protest

Meet The Protest!

The Protest is a hard rock Christian band from the Midwest.  The band is composed of Josh “Shred” Bramlett (lead singer and acoustic guitarist), TJ “Texas Two Step” Colwell (rhythm guitarist and vocals), Jarob “Animal” Bramlett (drums and vocals), Adam “Sarge” Sadler (lead guitarist), and Chase “Sludge” Reagan (bassist and vocals).  Around a year ago, the band released their most current album “Game Changer” which contains driving guitar beats, honest lyrics, and melodies so catchy you won’t be able to sit still!  Just one listen to The Protest and there is no denying that these guys know how to rock!  During their time together, The Protest has toured with bands such as Family Force Five, Icon For Hire, Decyfer Down, Red Jumpsuit Aparatus, The Afters, and many more!  With live shows being a huge part of their ministry, they play around 150 shows/festivals a year.

While they love music, their real passion is changing the world for God and living the great journey that He has for them!  This is evident not only in their Christian based lyrics and live show but also in their outreach.  They have been involved in suicide prevention campaigns and have even visited schools from time to time. They strive to encourage and remind people that even when everything feels hopeless, there is still hope!

We recently caught up with Josh from The Protest to learn more about them as artists and individuals.  Check out our question and answer session!…


Q:  Where are you from?

A:  4 of us are from a small town called New Castle, Indiana and our bassist is from Bristol, Tennessee.


Q:  How long have you all known each other?  How did you meet?

A:  We have known each other for 8 years. However our drummer is my brother so I have known his since I was two I guess. 🙂 The band was formed by me, my brother (Jarob), and our rhythm guitarist (T.J.) in the Spring of 2004. Our lead guitarist (Sarge) actually began giving me guitar lessons when I was in middle school but wasn’t in the band for the longest. Then he decided to move to L.A. to study guitar and upon returning he joined the band. Our bassist (Chase), joined the band when he moved up to Indiana. He was sort of a family friend, but I didn’t know him at the time. He recorded our first record and when we had member issues he filled the slot temporarily but he felt God wanted to join full time, so he did. That is how the current Line-up of The Protest was formed.


Q:  How did you decide on a band name?

A:  We went by the name Protest For Pluto for many years. It wasn’t until we went into the studio to record our last album, Game Changer, that we changed our name to The Protest. It was a little under two years ago that we emerged from the studio with the new album. We felt that this new music was so different and so powerful so we wanted a re-birthing. We wanted to start over with a bigger focus on reaching people with the word of Christ and his love as well. So we changed our name and treated ourselves as a new band.  The Protest name isn’t a negative name at all. We actually wanted a name that would be attention grabbing so we could share what the Lord gives us with as many people as possible. Some people, however, have seen the name and thought there was an actually protest going on! Which isn’t at all what we do, but if it get people there it can’t be that bad!


Q:  What artists have influenced your sound?

A:  We have been influenced by so many artists. I would say Disciple, Sevendust, Avenged Sevenfold are our biggest influences musically. Lyrically we are influence by Disciple, The Classic Crime, Sent by Ravens, and Red are big influences for us. We are also inspired by the hundreds of bands, like us, that are fighting the good fight everyday for little money. Their character and integrity speaks to us big time.


Q:  What are your songs about?

A:  We want our songs to reach as many people as possible without turning them away so many of our songs deal with issues that real people face each day like suicide, hate, self-loathing, and desperation. We want to give people hope because God gives us hope every day. We have been blessed by so many fans telling us that our music has touched them or has changed their lives. It is a true honor to do what we do.


Q:  Do you find it difficult being a Christian in the music industry today?

A:  Being a Christian in the music is tough. The music industry is so cut throat, they don’t care what you are doing as long as you sell tons of albums and look good doing it. Every day our integrity is tested and we are tempted, but we have to rise above these things. It’s not easy by any means, we are human and it is hard sometimes to stay positive in such a rough industry, but God is faithful and always provides a way out. We play all types of venues from bars to churches and not every venue is receptive to what we say and opposition is a common factor. Being a disciple is hard, but I like to think of it like we aren’t in the music business, but in God’s business.


Q:  What great moments have you experienced along your journey so far? Any challenges?

A:  In our travels we had laughs, tears, we’ve seen people accept Christ, and we have met so many amazing people. There honestly too many amazing stories to tell. Maybe we will write a book with all of these stories in there someday.  🙂  It is awesome doing what we do, but it does not come without its challenges. With any ministry or small business money is always an issue. We have loans to pay off, merchandise to buy for our shows, and of course gas to get from show to show not to mention all the other expenditures along the way that further our ministry. Money gets tight sometimes but God ALWAYS provides and we are so blessed by that. So many people donate to our cause and it is so humbling because we are nothing more than a vessel. God is real talent and the real life changer. Being away from home can also be tough. We don’t get to spend a lot of time with our friends and family, and sometimes because of our schedule we have to miss out on things going on at home. We look at it as a sacrifice. Everyone must sacrifice something if they are to do God’s will for their lives. Living in a van is a minor inconvenience. We are all young so we can do that now, but when we get older we may need to invest in a bus. 🙂


Q:  So far, what has been your favorite city you’ve performed at?

A:  We have performed in cities all over the U.S. and have been some amazing places, but nothing beats coming home and playing for our hometown fans. They support us like none other and we are so grateful.


Q:  What Bible verses inspire you the most?

A:  Many verses inspire us but our band’s verse is 1st Peter 4:10, “Everyone should use whatever gifts they have been given to serve others and faithfully administer God’s grace in its various forms.”


Q:  Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians and/or songwriters?

A:  Pray. When we write we ask God to place on our hearts what he wants said. Always keep your lyrics. If you have a random idea write it down and put into a word document. Your never know when something will hit you. So I recommend buying a notebook or journal for lyrics.


Q:  What do you like to do to in your free time when you’re not performing?

A:  Free time is such an amazing and rare gift for us! We love watching movies, playing video games, working out and hanging out with friends. On the road we love to stop at antique shops and flea markets. We are nerds so we are always looking out for rare movies, games, comic books, or trinkets that we just can’t live without.


Q:  What support have you received from your hometown throughout your journey?

A:  Our church family has blessed us so much with a van, gas money, and prayers. We receive so much love from people in our area. It is not uncommon for fans to bless us with gift cards or gas money before we leave for a tour.  I’m sure every band says this but we believe that we have the best fans in the world. We don’t even like to call them fans. They are family. 


Q:  If you could describe your band in 4 words, what would they be?

A:  A Work in Progress. We are always trying to better ourselves whether it’s musically or spiritually. We never settle for mediocrity. The people deserve our best and God deserves our best so we try to give it. Each night we hit that stage we go to war and give it all we’ve got. Our blood, sweat, and tears have literally been spilt all over the stage.


Q:  What would you say to others who are trying to follow their dreams?

A:  Do not give up! Follow that dream and pray hard. So many people will question why you are doing it. So many others will give up for money, but remember that our reward lies in heaven. Cling to the people that support you, give in to God’s will, and hold on!

Last November I had the privilege of seeing The Protest live and I must admit, I became a fan that night!  Their high-energy performance, heart wrenching lyrics, and catchy melodies kept me entertained from beginning to end!  The band individually and as a whole is incredibly talented and a pleasure to watch!  While The Protest really knows how to rock, the biggest take-away for me from the concert was the heart that this band possesses.  It’s so encouraging to see a group of guys who live their lives for God and are determined to make a positive mark on the music industry.  With so much darkness in the world today, it’s refreshing to see a ray of God’s light shining through!  🙂

The Protest rocks and I guarantee that you will agree! Check out these links:

Getting married soon?

Imagine you are a week away from your big day and in your head you think that you have everything planned out, until you think about your first dance.  “How could I have forgotten to pick a song for our first dance?!” You might ask yourself.  Well hopefully I can save you some headache by providing 10 of my favorite wedding worthy songs:

Top 5 Songs You Should Already Know…

1)      God Gave Me You – Dave Barnes

Is your significant other the best thing that has ever happened to you?  Do you feel like God has blessed you immensely by bringing him into your life?  If this describes the relationship that you both share then this is the song for you!  This upbeat song will set the mood for your first dance while reminding of the blessings that God has brought into your lives.

Check out the song at:!/davebarnes/music/songs/god-gave-me-you-62969437


2)      I Do – Colbie Caillat

Feel like really dancing?  If you answered yes, then this song is for you!  This upbeat, happy tune will keep you both moving your feet and singing along.  This song would be perfect for a more casual wedding or a destination wedding.

Check out the song at:!/colbiecaillat/music/albums/i-do-17335294


3)      Marry Me – Train

This song is a mellow ballad that could be perfect for any couple that wants their first dance to be very romantic.  Lyrics such as, “Marry Me.  If I ever get the nerve to say “Hello” in this café, say you will” can bring you back to when you first met as a couple, allowing you to reminisce your past together and dream about your journey to the future.

Check out the song at:!/train/music/songs/marry-me-58549217

4)      Today Was A Fairytale – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is known for writing adorable songs and as usual, she did not let us down with “Today Was A Fairytale”.  This whimsical and care free song that will make you feel as though you are a princess that finally found her prince charming!

Check out the song at:!/taylorswift/music/albums/today-was-a-fairytale-17355571


5)      Stole My Heart – Little and Ashley

You may remember this song from the Amazon Kindle commercial.  If not it is definitely one that you need to check out!  This happy-go-lucky tune will keep you and your man dancing from the beginning to end!

Check out the song at:!/littleandashley/music/songs/stole-my-heart-66200709

Top 5 Songs You’ve Never Heard Of…

1)      I want You To Be My Love – Over The Rhine

This song is another mellow romantic ballad.  The soft piano and vocals will help your first dance as a couple to be intimate, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and talk without interruptions in the music!

Check out the song at:!/overtherhine/music/songs/i-want-you-to-be-my-love-7710273


2)      Monkey And The Tree – Lindsey Ray

Now I must say that Lindsey Ray is one of my favorites for cute little songs!  Similarly to Taylor Swift, Lindsey writes her songs about life and falling in love.  The lyrics in the song tell a story about how the couple vows to love each other no matter what, thus making this tune especially adorable for your first dance!

Check out the song at:


3)      All This Time – One Republic

This song is about waiting for the perfect person, your soul mate!  This sweet song has romantic lyrics such as “All this time we were waiting for each other.  All this time I was waiting for you.  We got all these words, can’t waste them on another.  So I’m straight in a straight line running back to you”.  With lyrics such as these I believe this is a great option for your first dance!

Check out the song at:

4)      Oh, Is It Love – Hellogoodbye

Believe in love at first sight?  Hellogoodbye proves that they sure do as they sing all about it in this peppy song about falling in love!

Check out the song at:!/hellogoodbye/music/songs/oh-it-is-love-album-version-167411

5)      1,000 Faces – Randy Montana

Going with a country theme or do you and your future hubby just love country music?  If so, then this song is for you!  This upbeat song is about being so in love with someone that you don’t even notice anyone else around you!

Check out the song at:!/randymontanamusic/music/songs/1-000-faces-album-version-78327995

On the Rise – “The Greater Heights”


Meet The Greater Heights! 

The Greater Heights are a pop/rock band from San Diego, CA, but not everything started in San Diego.  Back in 2009, Chase Johnson (Singer) picked up everything and left his hometown of Rockton, Illinois and moved to San Diego to join The Greater Heights with Robert Main (Bass).  Two years later, through some mutual friends, Chase and Robert connected with Chris Crain (Drums) and Chris joined the Greater Heights.  Soon after, Chase got his best friend from Illinois, Maxwell Hobbs (Guitar), to move to San Diego as well to be in the band.  With similar tastes in music but also very opposite opinions in music, the Greater Heights achieve a unique sound with mainstream pop with a dash of rock; they bring a new element to the table.  If you’re a fan of The Maine, Mayday Parade, The Fray, Panic at the Disco, Coldplay, and The Cab then we guarantee you will love The Greater Heights!  We recently caught up with Robert Main, the bass guitarist, for The Greater Heights to learn more about them as artists and individuals.  Check out our question and answer session with them:

Q:  What/where is your hometown? Do the people back at home support you?

A:  As of now our hometown is San Diego, Ca, but we’re all from different areas.  Chase Johnson (Singer) and Maxwell Hobbs (Guitar) are both from Rockton, Illinois.  I’m (Robert Main (Bass)) from Orange County,CA and Chris Crain (Drums) is from Riverside, CA.  Through all of our travels, we all ended up in San Diego and that’s what we call home now.  All of our families support the band, which is a godsend to all of us.  Without the backing behind us from our family and friends, we wouldn’t be doing the things we love to do.


Q:  How did you come up with your band name?

A:  We used to be called another name, and had a totally different sound; we decided to give us a new name.  We must have come up with over 200 names and we condensed it down to the best words and came up with The Greater Heights.  It’s kinda cheesy but it’s also where we want to go with our music.


Q:  Who are your major music influences?

A:  We all have different influences when it comes to our music. Some of us listen to Coldplay, The Fray, The Script and Justin Bieber, but some us listen to Four Year Strong, Cartel, The Cab and Weezer.  I think because of the different genres interfering with our writing it helps us get something really special.


Q:  How long have you all known each other?

A:  Well because Chase and Maxwell came from the same area, they’ve know each other for years.  But as a whole, we’ve been The Greater Heights you know for about a year.


Q:  How did you meet?

A:  I was in the band before “The Greater Heights” and we needed a new singer so through mutual friends and via MySpace, we found Chase and flew him out here to tryout.  We all liked Chase so he moved out from Illinois to be in the band.  Through a few member changes throughout the years, we hooked up with Chris and Chase got Maxwell to move out to San Diego as well.


Q:  What genre would you consider your work to be?

A:  We like to consider ourselves Pop/Rock.  It’s so hard to name what kind of genre you are because there’s so many out there, so we just like to keep it simple with Pop/Rock.


Q:  What is your biggest inspiration in life?
A:  Our biggest inspiration is all the awesome music we listen to.  If we didn’t listen to our favorite artists, I don’t think we would be doing we love to do right now.  All the artists that have paved the way for us truly inspire us every day.

Q:  Do you guys have any other hobbies besides, obviously, making music?

A:  We all love going to the beach since it’s so close to us.  We all live in the same house together so we all get together with our friends and watch movies and play Mario Kart 64 into the late, late hours.


Q:  What are your hopes for the near future?

A:  Our hope right now is to get our music into the ears of as many people as we can.  If more people listen to us, the further we’ll get with this.


Q:  What are some of your favorite memories along your journey so far?

A:  Some of my best memories with the band have been playing out of town shows with these guys.  So many good times and some bad, but the bad ones are good as well because we’ve learned some important things.  Also recording, being in the studio for 14 hours at a time for a week is so much fun to me.


Q:  What has been your biggest challenge as a band?
A:  The music industry has changed so much over the past 10 years and it so hard to judge what it’s going to evolve into next.  Being able to stay ahead of the curve is the biggest hurdle to get over because if you have that advantage that no one else is doing, we’ll get noticed and ahead more.  Money is a big part too.  You gotta spend money to make money and we’ve done a lot of it, but since we put it towards something we love to do, it makes it all worthwhile.


Q:  What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

A:  Be in it to win, or you won’t go far.  If you just like playing for the heck of it, of course just do it because you love to, but if you’re in it for the long haul and want to make a career with it, you better put every drop of dedication and every cent into it if you want to get anywhere.

The Greater Heights is one devoted and talented group of guys!  I can say without a doubt that they are one of my new favorite bands and I often find myself listening to their music on repeat!  With catchy melodies and sing-able lyrics, I guarantee that you will fall in love with their music too!  If you haven’t done so already, check out their CD “Streets Of The Better Life” and see for yourselves how awesome they are!   The guys didn’t stop there with the amazing tunes though, with the release of their new radio worthy single “Make It Through”, they’ve added just one more reason for fans to “like” them on Facebook!

For more information on the band please visit:


On the Rise – “Wings Of A Hero”


Meet Wings Of A Hero (or WOAH for short)!  They are a female fronted pop-rock band from Green Bay, Wisconsin.  WOAH is composed of one girl (Madeline Macco) and four guys (Ryan Garner, Matt Manske,Austin Paschke, and Brady Paschke).  Madeline is the lead singer and keyboardist, with the guys supporting her vocals with their heavy guitar chords and drums.  The talented band members bring different musical styles to the table, making their sound uniquely awesome!  WOAH just released their first EP in December 2011, called “Make It Happen”; they really know how to rock!    With catchy songs such as “Cliché” and their first single off the EP, “It’s My Life”, this new album brings high energy music with heartfelt lyrics!  We guarantee that “Make It Happen” will keep you glued to the speakers from beginning to end! 

Get to know Wings Of A Hero:

Q:  How long have you all known each other?

A:  As a band for 6 years or so and a few of us (Matt, Austin, and Brady) since birth.


Q:  How did you form your group?

A:  For a cancer benefit concert at our high school.


Q:  What artists have influenced your sound?

A:  Loftland, Switchfoot, Paramore, Icon For Hire, Skillet, Flyleaf


Q:  How do you write your songs? Do you begin by writing the music and fitting in the lyrics, or vice versa?

A:  Generally we write lyrics first and a catchy hook.  After that we work as a team to put the entire piece together.


Q:  Who has been your greatest inspiration in life?

A:  We have great support from our family, and Jesus Christ has rocked our worlds!


Q:  Do you find it difficult being a Christian in the music industry today?

A:  It is very difficult. Kids at our high school and in the surrounding community typically are not exposed to our type of music and Christian-based messages. We are trying very hard to spread God’s word through our music with a musical style that appeals to all demographics. Our goal is to enlighten and uplift our listeners through lyrics applicable to everyday life.


Q:  What great moments have you experienced along your journey so far? 

A:  We’ve experienced several ups and downs so far, but a few moments have really stuck out. We were enthralled to be a part of the success of our school’s cancer benefit. Each of us has our own connection to cancer victims, making it a rewarding experience. Another important event in our journey was recording our very first EP at Broadcast Media Works in Appleton, Wisconsin. Recording was a fun learning experience and really confirmed our love for making music.


Q:  What challenges have you experienced?

A:  As stated earlier, most kids in the community are used to hearing mainstream pop or rap, and it is a challenge to change society’s norm. More like impossible! We want the focus of teenagers not to be on music with often time derogatory lyrics, but to be on uplifting and positive praise.


Q:  Being a band composed of guys and one girl, what are some things that you like to do together?

A:  We go to many shows to see local bands. And believe it or not, we go shopping together. We go on tons of trips to our nearest Guitar Center and check out cool new things we can add to our inventory. I, Madeline, like to force the guys to the mall with me; they don’t like that, but I do!


Q:  What Bible verses inspire you the most?

A:  “Unashamed of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 1:16

“Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!” Psalm 95:1


Q:  Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians and/or songwriters?

A:  Find people/someone more experienced and be a disciple. Whether it is another Christian musician or an adult at your church whom you can talk to; one can learn a lot from someone who’s been through high school and college. Also, play and write music that means a lot to you personally. The audience can tell when one’s heart isn’t in what they play. The music needs to actually mean something to you.


Q:  What do you like to do to in your free time when you’re not performing?

A:  Brady is on the golf team at Carthage College. Being a college kid, he also likes to watch tons of movies. Austin plays guitar and makes a killer burrito. You can usually find him making delicious tacos at Moe’s Southwest Grill. Matt likes to window shop on Ebay for guitars, plays video games, and chill with his cats Moe and Marley. Lucas and I (Madeline) are both involved in every music group possible at our high school: Fully Staffed (A Cappella group), Spotlight Singers (show choir), Chorale, Chamber Choir, and the musical!


Q:  What support have you received from your best friends throughout your journey?

A:  Matt and Austin are best friends, so they are obviously supportive of one other. Most of Brady’s friends are spread out at different colleges so they try to attend every show they can. Several of our friends have bought our hard copy EP and iTunes version if they live far away. We are making new friends every show and look forward to meeting more people. We’d love to hear from any of the readers. You can contact us at


Q:  What would you say to others who are trying to follow their dreams?

A:  Hard work and practice pays off. When people notice it in your shows and compliment you, it is such a great feeling. Also, be who you are, who God intended you to be. Instead of letting others define who you are, let your true personality and craziness shine.


I am encouraged to see a group of five talented best friends making their dreams a reality and living for God!  They have a great support system of friends and family which is amazing! I think that it’s truly awesome for fellow believers in Christ to support each other in fulfilling their dreams!  As Christians, we are all called to encourage and build each other up!  I also love the fact that the band was formed for a cancer benefit!  This illustrates their effort and desire to help others along their journey!  Wings Of A Hero is not only a band that knows how to rock, they are an extremely talented band with huge hearts and a gigantic love for God!  I am so excited to see how God will use them in the future and bring their dreams to pass! 

To learn more about Wings Of A Hero go to and don’t forget to check out their new EP now on iTunes!