Ask A Guy – Ben

Ask A Guy – Ben

Ben Bloomer

1.       Do you like it when girls have tons of friends?

I don’t really care about how many friends they have total—but I do like it when they have a core group of just a few friends who she can be herself around and who she cares about.  That’s super awesome to see.

2.       How much makeup should a girl wear?

Whatever floats your boat I guess… but I would say that it’s better to be wearing “too little” makeup than too much… too much is kinda gross.  I am A-OK with a girl who wears no makeup.

3.       What hair color are you most attracted to?

Any natural hair color is super nice!

4.       What do you think about guys and girls praying together?

I think it’s great!  Although praying together will build a certain level of intimacy which you might want to be careful about developing with someone, especially someone who might have a crush on you or you might have a crush on… you may find yourself attached to the person sooner than you’d like to!  So be careful about 1 on 1 prayer times with other guys.

5.       Do you ever think about getting married?

I do!  Marriage is an exciting topic, especially as you get older and see your friends start getting married.  Often I take those times to pray about my future marriage, asking God to prepare me now for a life with someone later.

6.       When you face disappointments what do you do?

I definitely know that turning to God is the quickest and best way to heal, so that’s what I do.  God is so faithful and able to walk you through even the crappiest times: rejections, breakups, et cetera.

7.       Who do you trust most in your life?

Well, God is definitely the one who has proved Himself to be most trustworthy!  My friends on my floor here at school are definitely people I trust to pray with me and keep me accountable for things.

8.       Do you prefer girls who are outgoing or more reserved?

I find myself more attracted to girls who are more reserved, if they are confident in who they are.  But there is definitely something to be said about a girl who uses her out-going-ness to show she cares about others.

9.       How “real” are you with your friends? Do you feel like you can be yourself?

Being real can be super hard, especially in places like high school where there’s so much drama… but it definitely shows amazing character for someone to be themselves and not care about what people think about them… Remember who you are in Christ!

10.   How long would u date someone before proposing?


At least a year– I’d rather date someone for a long time and be engaged for a few months than to have a long engagement. 


Ask A Guy – Adam

Ask A Guy: Adam


1)      What do you find most attractive in a girl?

a.       EYES

b.      SMILE

c.       LAUGH



f.        OTHER – what?

2)      Do you believe in soul mates?

a.       YES

b.      NO

3)      Do you think girls should ask guys out?

a.       YES

b.      NO –the reason why is because forward girls are a turn off.  Guys should be the ones initiating a relationship.  Shivery is NOT dead!

4)      Is it important to you that your future girlfriend/wife is a Christian?

a.       YES

b.      NO

5)      What kind of dates do you like to go on?

a.       Concert

b.      Dinner and movie

c.       Bowling

d.      Walk in a park

e.      Go to an amusement park

f.        Other – what?

6)      What kind of presents do you appreciate the most?

a.       Video game

b.      Picture frame

c.       CD

d.      Concert or game tickets – because then I can spend time with my girl.

7)      Do you think its high maintenance for a girl to want the guy to pick her up and open her door?

a.       YES

b.      NO – A girl is a princess and should be treated like a princess.  Like I said, Shivery is not dead; it’s the gentlemanly thing to do.

8)      Is family important to you?

a.       YES

b.      NOT REALLY

9)      Do you dislike it when your girlfriend has a lot of guy-friends?

a.       YES

b.      NO – because any girlfriend you have a relationship with, you should be able to trust around other guys.   Because if you can’t trust her, then ya don’t want her!

10)   Do you think it is important to get along with/have a relationship with your girlfriend’s family and friends?

a.       YES – because if they are important to her, then they should be important to me!

b.      NO

11)   What do you think it most important in a relationship?

a.       Trust

b.      Honesty

c.       Communication

d.      All of the above

12)   Is it important that you and your girlfriend share common interests?

a.       YES

b.      NO

c.       Other – Yes and no.  You should have some common interests but at the same time have individual interests that you can learn about and enjoy with them.

13)   What would be your ideal way to ask out (for your first date) the girl that you like?

a.       Over the phone

b.      In person, in a casual conversation

c.       Doing something romantic

14)   What is your favorite Bible verse?

All of them, because everything is good in the Bible!