Three Trends For Fall

Three trends for the fall:

1 – Layers

Layering is a great tool for any age or body type. Layers are a great way to utilize most of your wardrobe year round.  By adding a long sleeved shirt underneath a sleeveless (summer-like) shirt, you will be able to utilize your summer season clothes even during the coldest of times.  Layers are also a great way to keep your wardrobe more modest while still allowing you to try out new funky fashions.  If you have a curvy body type, clingy under-layers (such as camisoles) along with a secondary blousy shirt (such as a poncho) are a great way to flatten your core and build your hourglass frame.

Examples of layering:

short sweater-layersmaller purple1bw

Form hugging camisole or t-shirt helps to extend the torso while adding more coverage to the bust.

2 – Boots

Whether you prefer short boots, tall boots, high-heeled boots or flat boots they are a great trend for the fall and winter months because they allow for extra warmth and protection to the elements.  What makes this trend a tricky one is figuring out what top and pants to pair the boots with.

Shirts – In this instance, choose grey tones (such as black or grey) when wearing a top that also features grey tones.  The same is true when wearing brown tones (such as brown or cream).  In instances where the boots are a bolder color (such as blue, red, orange, etc), make sure that at least a small portion of your shirt coordinates with these colors.

Pants – It is usually significantly easier to match to your boots to your pants especially if you wear jeans.  The main thing to keep in mind when pairing boots and jeans is contrast.  Many times it is best to pair light colored boots and dark wash jeans in order for the boots to stand out and truly make a statement.

High heeled boots:

brownheelsmaller DSCN1121

Flat boots:


3 – Bold colors

This fall it’s all about making a bold statement.  Bright colors are great for parties and everyday wear.  One bright part of this trend is boldly colored pants.  If you are not completely comfortable in bold colors but still want to try out this trend, begin by adding accessories such as scarves that include bright colors.

Yellowsmaller with scarfsmaller


Unstoppable Shadow Stick – Maybelline New York

Eye shadow is a great tool to highlight your eyes but do you ever feel like you have to apply it multiple times a day just to keep the color fresh?  Do you also find yourself using multiple colors just to create the shading that you want?  If you’re in the same boat as me then I would like to share my latest discovery with you:  the Unstoppable Shadow Stick!  Not only will the color last all day, you can create lighter and more intense shades with just one stick!

The last time that I went to the Dollar Tree I was surprised to find Maybelline eye shadows so I thought I would give them a try.  After using it once I was completely hooked!  I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use!  The shadow stick didn’t smudge, it didn’t feel heavy or wet on my eyes, and the fresh color lasted all day long.  That is why I am totally in love with…the Unstoppable Shadow Stick!

2013-08-01 19.34.10

Where can I purchase them?  As I mentioned, I purchased the shadow sticks from the Dollar Tree for only $1!  It was quite the steal!  If you do not have a Dollar Tree nearby you may want to check your local Wal-Mart, Target or Walgreen’s.  You can also order similar shadow sticks online off of Maybelline’s website.  While the same shades that I purchased are no longer available on the Maybelline website, they do offer basically the same technology only in different shades:

Now that I have purchased mine, how do I use it?  When I apply my eye shadow every day I usually do the following steps:

A)     Twist up the tip of the shadow stick so that it is about 1/8 of an inch above the top of the container.

B)      Gently run shadow stick across entire eyelid to create a lighter, more even color.  (If desired, you can also use the shadow stick on the inside corners of your eyes and/or your brow bone.  In order to do so, just glide the stick very gently across to achieve a very light color.)

2013-07-23 18.00.12

C)      In the outer creases of your eyes, apply multiple layers to achieve the color that you like.

2013-07-23 17.59.50 2013-07-23 18.04.30 2013-07-23 18.00.43

D)     Wear all day and don’t worry about color fading or smudging! (To remove the eye shadow, simply use baby oil or any make-up remover.)

I hope that you enjoy this product as much as I do!  Have fun with it, play with different shades!  Create a fun look that fits you!  You’re beautiful just the way you are! 🙂

I’m totally in love with…Funky Denim


Everyone has their own favorite pair of jeans that just seems to fit.  They’re comfy yet durable, stylish yet versatile.  Even though it may be too warm to wear your favorite jeans in the heat of summer, don’t let your love of denim stop there!  Denim is a great material and is available in tons of funky color varieties besides your usual blue.  Here are some denim pieces I have that I’m totally in love with!…

2013-07-23 18.12.232013-07-23 18.09.12

2013-07-23 18.08.152013-07-23 18.13.50

2013-07-23 17.56.592013-07-23 17.55.09

I love all varieties and styles: vests, jackets, shorts, studded, colored, patterned.  I can’t help but love all types of denim!  While it may not be cool enough yet to pull out your favorite pair of jeans, I dare you to find a new denim friend to share the summer with! 😉  Find a style that fits you and have fun with it!

Inspired By 100% Love

Fashion is an exciting industry that can prove to be a challenge to enter.  So how does one become a clothing designer?  Just ask Maya Nur, creator of 100% Love clothing line.  Maya is an up and coming fashion designer with brilliant designs and a great outlook on fashion!  With her shop currently located in Seminyak, Indonesia, she has found a way to get her clothes to customers all over the world.  Using bright colors, fun fabrics, and creative designs Maya has found a way to give 100% Love a one of a kind look that everyone will love!  We caught up with Maya recently to learn more about her as a designer and to get an inside look at her new summer line:

1)       How did you begin designing clothes?

It started when I saw a couture gown by Jean-Paul Gaultier.  I can’t remember anymore what its look like, but I still can remember the feeling I got when I learned how interesting and fun fashion can be.  From there, I began drawing and sketching anything that came into my mind and started making my own clothes.


2)       What is the target market (age group) for your line?

Honestly, rather than an age group, my target market is for people that like to experiment, try something different and just have fun wearing my clothes.  


3)       What inspired you to create your new summer line?

I think right now, I am intrigued by geometric shapes.  From there I created a summer line that is sporty but yet romantic. 


4)       How would readers go about ordering your clothes and accessories?

I have a shop in Etsy : MayaNUR 100%Love and my official website is  All my clothes are made in Bali using a very environmental production.  It’s all hand made by people from my shop and work with only 100%Love.  That is where the name of my line came from because I believe that clothes that are made with love and happiness will also bring joy to the people who wear them.  Every art has a soul, like the Mona Lisa that smiles at you.  I would like to believe that I’m making little Mona Lisa’s and spreading it to the world.


Check out these 100% Love fashions!

Drape Button-up Back Top and Tulip Flower Prints Hot Pants

hot pants

Flower Print Crop Top

crop top

Flower Print Body Suit


Flower Print Mini Skirt

  mini skirt

Collar Check Racer Top

  racer top

Pastel Purple and White Feathers Earrings

feather earrings

Be sure to check out more of Maya’s 100% Love Clothing Line by visiting:

Facebook –!/pages/MayaNUR/121222404630678

Etsy –

Website –

How to Organize Your Closet in Three Easy Steps

It is important to have an organized closet so that you can easily spot items to mix and match. To begin organizing your closet, I would first suggest emptying it entirely. It might take time, but it’s worth it in the long run to start with a fresh slate. Once this step is complete, you’re  ready to begin the organization process.

1.      Sort clothing. Decide whether you want to keep, sell, or donate each item of clothing. If you’re not sure whether or not you want to keep something, try it on. Make sure to only keep things that fit well and that you’ve worn in the last year or two. The goal is to keep items that help to build a great wardrobe that you absolutely love. If the item doesn’t match with anything else in your closet, you might want to consider getting rid of it. Or if you really like the item, you might want to purchase something to go with it.

2.      Organize clothing. Begin organizing the clothing you want to keep by type. Group together similar items, such as all of your pants, dresses, long-sleeved tops, short-sleeved tops, etc. Next, coordinate the various types by color, going from light to dark. Place the sorted clothing on the racks in your closet, using either plastic or wooden hangers. Wire hangers tend to stretch out your clothing. You can fold sweaters or jeans and stack them on shelves if you run out of room. Use an over-the-door hanging shoe rack to save space in your closet. Attach hooks to the wall of your closet to hang belts. Use as much of the vertical space in your closet as possible, especially if you find yourself running out of room.

3.      Shop for clothing. When you are finished organizing your clothes, you may have discovered that you are missing a few key items to make your wardrobe complete. Make a list of the items you want to purchase to complete your outfits, and shop for these items only. Don’t treat this as a shopping spree because you don’t want to buy impulse items that do not match anything in your closet. Be intentional, and you will be happy with the results.

I have included some pictures of my own closet to give you some inspiration. Before I got rid of old clothes and organized everything, my closet looked like an explosion had gone off inside. I had a closet full of clothes, but every time I looked inside, I bemoaned that I had “nothing to wear!”



I grouped items together by type and color to make things easier to spot. I hung a basket from my closet to store my belts, and I put all of my necklaces as well as an inspiration board on my wall in order to take advantage of vertical space. Purses are stored in a line on top of one of the shelves. When I get ready in the morning, I find it much easier to find specific items to mix and match into an outfit.