It’s time that we change the idea of beauty.  Beauty is not about being a certain size, having a certain hair color, or about what brands you wear.  Beauty is found in the individuality that each person has.  What makes you unique, what makes you who you are! 

In order to feel beautiful in our own skin we need to increase our self-confidence. The most attractive thing about a person initially is the confidence they have. Confidence is a beautiful thing because it shows that the person is comfortable with who they are and that they love themselves flaws and all. After all, we were all made in Gods image and are His princes and princesses so we have no reason not to be confident. Also, contrary to what the world thinks, beauty is truly found in the heart of a person not on the outside.

Don’t be afraid to let you shine through! People will be inspired with your courage and confidence to do the same in their life. Learn how to love yourself the way God made you and shine your light!

Always Be Yourself


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