Life Outside The Box

From the beginning of our lives, society has taught us that we need two things if we want to be happy – an education and a good job.  It tells us, “Make sure that you work hard in school or you’ll go nowhere.  Get good grades because you need to get into a top University.  Be sure to pick a career that will make you lots of money so you can have a nice life.”  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go to school, study, or work hard and I’m by no means saying that hard work and dedication is a bad thing.  The point that I am making is that this is the mindset for worldly success.  The world tries to lay out one path for you to take.  It teaches you how to rely on your own strength and wisdom.  It teaches you to think inside the box.  There was a time in my life when I believed all of these things too.  I mean, that’s how everybody else does it, right?  WRONG.  While the world may operate this way, as Christians, were called to operate a different way – Gods way!

Sure, we can live like the rest of the world and create a nice life for ourselves in our own strength.  Or we can live for God and let Him shape our lives into something even greater!  Maybe the amazing future that God has for you includes college; then again maybe it doesn’t.  Either way, don’t get sucked into thinking there is only one road for you to take.  Don’t listen to the lies telling you “you’re really behind everyone else.  You already missed your chance for something amazing, so why even bother?”  Don’t continue to beat yourself up over missed opportunities.  The thing we all need to remember is that we don’t make our own opportunities.  We don’t create our own talents.  We don’t create our own knowledge or even gain it from textbooks.  ALL of these opportunities, gifts, talents, and blessings for a good life come from one source and one source only: GOD! 

Don’t put your faith in things so temporary; put your faith in God.  By doing so, you won’t have to worry about creating the perfect life for yourself.  Just listen to God, be faithful, and everything will work out!  God knows everything that you need and He is there for you always!


Go on, I dare you, live life outside the worlds box.  Live with God and watch amazing things bloom in yourself and your life!  Shine on! 🙂

*Photo courtesy of “God Is in the Small Stuff” by Bruce & Stan (Barbour Publishing)



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