What does the future hold?   No one really knows, but we sure like to pretend that we do sometimes.  In our heads we think we have life all figured out.  Nothing can surprise us because we know where we’ve been and we know where were going.  We’ve made plans – good plans at that!

I remember back when I was in high school, I thought that my life would go like this:  graduate high school, go to college, graduate college, get a job, and get married.  I had everything figured out.  I had a plan and I just needed to complete it one step at a time.  But then when things didn’t seem to go according to my plan, it was the end of the world!…well my world at least.  To my surprise, I had overlooked one major factor……GOD.  I was so self-focused that I left Him out of the equation.  I thought I could accomplish all of my goals in my own strength, at my own time.  Sometimes I felt so confused about what steps to take and I would get so frustrated when I took them in my own strength yet there didn’t seem to be any open doors.

The thing that I had horribly overlooked is the fact that God is unpredictable!  The reason He is unpredictable is because He can do anything and everything!  When there is no way He will make a way.  When there isn’t an open door, God will open a window, if its part of His will for your life.  We should all be thinking: “Whew, what a relief!  I mean the same God who made the universe and put the stars in their place is in control of my life?  AND He wants all things to work out for my good?  He wants to bless ME?” ….Mindboggling, I know, but its 100% the truth!  Refuse to think that you have life all figured out and that you don’t need God, because the reality is that you do.  The only thing predictable in life is that God and life are unpredictable.  You don’t know what life will throw your way.  At the same time, you don’t know what amazing things God has in your future!

I love the Francesca Battistelli song called “Unpredictable” that speaks to this very issue we all have: putting God in a box.



Sometimes, because our strength, courage, endurance, wisdom, and talents are limited we think that God’s are too.  Because of this we put Him in a box, thinking “There is no way that dream will happen.”   We think in the real realm when we should think in the Spiritual realm.  God can make anything happen; all He requires from us is faith the size of a mustard seed!

“He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”   – Matthew 17:19-21

It can also be a challenge to think that someone else knows us what’s better for us and knows us better than we do ourselves, but that’s God.  He created us and loves us more than we could ever imagine, so why would He want to limit us?  Why would He want us to be unhappy?  Seems to me like we have no reason not to trust God with everything we have!  Every idea, every dream, every problem, we should lay them all down at His feet and trust that He will make everything for our good in ways only He can!

Step out in faith that God has amazing things for you.  When you start to feel anxious because you don’t know what the future holds, refuse to get stressed out about it.  Instead of stressing out, just say a simple prayer like: “God, I trust You with my future.  I refuse to worry about it; I’m laying it in Your hands.  While I don’t know what’s ahead, I know that You do and You will give me everything I need to succeed.”  By saying a simple prayer like that, it takes the weight off your shoulders and allows God to work through you.  Be determined to develop an unshakable faith so you can live in peace even at life’s most unpredictable moments!  That way when you start taking steps God can direct you, rather than relying on you or someone else to be that direction.  Whether or not your dreams seem possible at the current time in your life, remember, nothing is impossible with God!


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