Three Trends For Fall

Three trends for the fall:

1 – Layers

Layering is a great tool for any age or body type. Layers are a great way to utilize most of your wardrobe year round.  By adding a long sleeved shirt underneath a sleeveless (summer-like) shirt, you will be able to utilize your summer season clothes even during the coldest of times.  Layers are also a great way to keep your wardrobe more modest while still allowing you to try out new funky fashions.  If you have a curvy body type, clingy under-layers (such as camisoles) along with a secondary blousy shirt (such as a poncho) are a great way to flatten your core and build your hourglass frame.

Examples of layering:

short sweater-layersmaller purple1bw

Form hugging camisole or t-shirt helps to extend the torso while adding more coverage to the bust.

2 – Boots

Whether you prefer short boots, tall boots, high-heeled boots or flat boots they are a great trend for the fall and winter months because they allow for extra warmth and protection to the elements.  What makes this trend a tricky one is figuring out what top and pants to pair the boots with.

Shirts – In this instance, choose grey tones (such as black or grey) when wearing a top that also features grey tones.  The same is true when wearing brown tones (such as brown or cream).  In instances where the boots are a bolder color (such as blue, red, orange, etc), make sure that at least a small portion of your shirt coordinates with these colors.

Pants – It is usually significantly easier to match to your boots to your pants especially if you wear jeans.  The main thing to keep in mind when pairing boots and jeans is contrast.  Many times it is best to pair light colored boots and dark wash jeans in order for the boots to stand out and truly make a statement.

High heeled boots:

brownheelsmaller DSCN1121

Flat boots:


3 – Bold colors

This fall it’s all about making a bold statement.  Bright colors are great for parties and everyday wear.  One bright part of this trend is boldly colored pants.  If you are not completely comfortable in bold colors but still want to try out this trend, begin by adding accessories such as scarves that include bright colors.

Yellowsmaller with scarfsmaller


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