I’m totally in love with…Funky Denim


Everyone has their own favorite pair of jeans that just seems to fit.  They’re comfy yet durable, stylish yet versatile.  Even though it may be too warm to wear your favorite jeans in the heat of summer, don’t let your love of denim stop there!  Denim is a great material and is available in tons of funky color varieties besides your usual blue.  Here are some denim pieces I have that I’m totally in love with!…

2013-07-23 18.12.232013-07-23 18.09.12

2013-07-23 18.08.152013-07-23 18.13.50

2013-07-23 17.56.592013-07-23 17.55.09

I love all varieties and styles: vests, jackets, shorts, studded, colored, patterned.  I can’t help but love all types of denim!  While it may not be cool enough yet to pull out your favorite pair of jeans, I dare you to find a new denim friend to share the summer with! 😉  Find a style that fits you and have fun with it!


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