On the Rise – “Wings Of A Hero”


Meet Wings Of A Hero (or WOAH for short)!  They are a female fronted pop-rock band from Green Bay, Wisconsin.  WOAH is composed of one girl (Madeline Macco) and four guys (Ryan Garner, Matt Manske,Austin Paschke, and Brady Paschke).  Madeline is the lead singer and keyboardist, with the guys supporting her vocals with their heavy guitar chords and drums.  The talented band members bring different musical styles to the table, making their sound uniquely awesome!  WOAH just released their first EP in December 2011, called “Make It Happen”; they really know how to rock!    With catchy songs such as “Cliché” and their first single off the EP, “It’s My Life”, this new album brings high energy music with heartfelt lyrics!  We guarantee that “Make It Happen” will keep you glued to the speakers from beginning to end! 

Get to know Wings Of A Hero:

Q:  How long have you all known each other?

A:  As a band for 6 years or so and a few of us (Matt, Austin, and Brady) since birth.


Q:  How did you form your group?

A:  For a cancer benefit concert at our high school.


Q:  What artists have influenced your sound?

A:  Loftland, Switchfoot, Paramore, Icon For Hire, Skillet, Flyleaf


Q:  How do you write your songs? Do you begin by writing the music and fitting in the lyrics, or vice versa?

A:  Generally we write lyrics first and a catchy hook.  After that we work as a team to put the entire piece together.


Q:  Who has been your greatest inspiration in life?

A:  We have great support from our family, and Jesus Christ has rocked our worlds!


Q:  Do you find it difficult being a Christian in the music industry today?

A:  It is very difficult. Kids at our high school and in the surrounding community typically are not exposed to our type of music and Christian-based messages. We are trying very hard to spread God’s word through our music with a musical style that appeals to all demographics. Our goal is to enlighten and uplift our listeners through lyrics applicable to everyday life.


Q:  What great moments have you experienced along your journey so far? 

A:  We’ve experienced several ups and downs so far, but a few moments have really stuck out. We were enthralled to be a part of the success of our school’s cancer benefit. Each of us has our own connection to cancer victims, making it a rewarding experience. Another important event in our journey was recording our very first EP at Broadcast Media Works in Appleton, Wisconsin. Recording was a fun learning experience and really confirmed our love for making music.


Q:  What challenges have you experienced?

A:  As stated earlier, most kids in the community are used to hearing mainstream pop or rap, and it is a challenge to change society’s norm. More like impossible! We want the focus of teenagers not to be on music with often time derogatory lyrics, but to be on uplifting and positive praise.


Q:  Being a band composed of guys and one girl, what are some things that you like to do together?

A:  We go to many shows to see local bands. And believe it or not, we go shopping together. We go on tons of trips to our nearest Guitar Center and check out cool new things we can add to our inventory. I, Madeline, like to force the guys to the mall with me; they don’t like that, but I do!


Q:  What Bible verses inspire you the most?

A:  “Unashamed of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 1:16

“Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!” Psalm 95:1


Q:  Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians and/or songwriters?

A:  Find people/someone more experienced and be a disciple. Whether it is another Christian musician or an adult at your church whom you can talk to; one can learn a lot from someone who’s been through high school and college. Also, play and write music that means a lot to you personally. The audience can tell when one’s heart isn’t in what they play. The music needs to actually mean something to you.


Q:  What do you like to do to in your free time when you’re not performing?

A:  Brady is on the golf team at Carthage College. Being a college kid, he also likes to watch tons of movies. Austin plays guitar and makes a killer burrito. You can usually find him making delicious tacos at Moe’s Southwest Grill. Matt likes to window shop on Ebay for guitars, plays video games, and chill with his cats Moe and Marley. Lucas and I (Madeline) are both involved in every music group possible at our high school: Fully Staffed (A Cappella group), Spotlight Singers (show choir), Chorale, Chamber Choir, and the musical!


Q:  What support have you received from your best friends throughout your journey?

A:  Matt and Austin are best friends, so they are obviously supportive of one other. Most of Brady’s friends are spread out at different colleges so they try to attend every show they can. Several of our friends have bought our hard copy EP and iTunes version if they live far away. We are making new friends every show and look forward to meeting more people. We’d love to hear from any of the readers. You can contact us at www.facebook.com/wingsofahero.


Q:  What would you say to others who are trying to follow their dreams?

A:  Hard work and practice pays off. When people notice it in your shows and compliment you, it is such a great feeling. Also, be who you are, who God intended you to be. Instead of letting others define who you are, let your true personality and craziness shine.


I am encouraged to see a group of five talented best friends making their dreams a reality and living for God!  They have a great support system of friends and family which is amazing! I think that it’s truly awesome for fellow believers in Christ to support each other in fulfilling their dreams!  As Christians, we are all called to encourage and build each other up!  I also love the fact that the band was formed for a cancer benefit!  This illustrates their effort and desire to help others along their journey!  Wings Of A Hero is not only a band that knows how to rock, they are an extremely talented band with huge hearts and a gigantic love for God!  I am so excited to see how God will use them in the future and bring their dreams to pass! 

To learn more about Wings Of A Hero go to www.facebook.com/wingsofahero and don’t forget to check out their new EP now on iTunes! 



  1. ljsoper · July 16, 2013

    Great band!!!

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