Inspired By 100% Love

Fashion is an exciting industry that can prove to be a challenge to enter.  So how does one become a clothing designer?  Just ask Maya Nur, creator of 100% Love clothing line.  Maya is an up and coming fashion designer with brilliant designs and a great outlook on fashion!  With her shop currently located in Seminyak, Indonesia, she has found a way to get her clothes to customers all over the world.  Using bright colors, fun fabrics, and creative designs Maya has found a way to give 100% Love a one of a kind look that everyone will love!  We caught up with Maya recently to learn more about her as a designer and to get an inside look at her new summer line:

1)       How did you begin designing clothes?

It started when I saw a couture gown by Jean-Paul Gaultier.  I can’t remember anymore what its look like, but I still can remember the feeling I got when I learned how interesting and fun fashion can be.  From there, I began drawing and sketching anything that came into my mind and started making my own clothes.


2)       What is the target market (age group) for your line?

Honestly, rather than an age group, my target market is for people that like to experiment, try something different and just have fun wearing my clothes.  


3)       What inspired you to create your new summer line?

I think right now, I am intrigued by geometric shapes.  From there I created a summer line that is sporty but yet romantic. 


4)       How would readers go about ordering your clothes and accessories?

I have a shop in Etsy : MayaNUR 100%Love and my official website is  All my clothes are made in Bali using a very environmental production.  It’s all hand made by people from my shop and work with only 100%Love.  That is where the name of my line came from because I believe that clothes that are made with love and happiness will also bring joy to the people who wear them.  Every art has a soul, like the Mona Lisa that smiles at you.  I would like to believe that I’m making little Mona Lisa’s and spreading it to the world.


Check out these 100% Love fashions!

Drape Button-up Back Top and Tulip Flower Prints Hot Pants

hot pants

Flower Print Crop Top

crop top

Flower Print Body Suit


Flower Print Mini Skirt

  mini skirt

Collar Check Racer Top

  racer top

Pastel Purple and White Feathers Earrings

feather earrings

Be sure to check out more of Maya’s 100% Love Clothing Line by visiting:

Facebook –!/pages/MayaNUR/121222404630678

Etsy –

Website –



  1. ljsoper · July 16, 2013

    Love love love these clothes!!! What a fabulous designer!

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