Ask A Guy – Adam

Ask A Guy: Adam


1)      What do you find most attractive in a girl?

a.       EYES

b.      SMILE

c.       LAUGH



f.        OTHER – what?

2)      Do you believe in soul mates?

a.       YES

b.      NO

3)      Do you think girls should ask guys out?

a.       YES

b.      NO –the reason why is because forward girls are a turn off.  Guys should be the ones initiating a relationship.  Shivery is NOT dead!

4)      Is it important to you that your future girlfriend/wife is a Christian?

a.       YES

b.      NO

5)      What kind of dates do you like to go on?

a.       Concert

b.      Dinner and movie

c.       Bowling

d.      Walk in a park

e.      Go to an amusement park

f.        Other – what?

6)      What kind of presents do you appreciate the most?

a.       Video game

b.      Picture frame

c.       CD

d.      Concert or game tickets – because then I can spend time with my girl.

7)      Do you think its high maintenance for a girl to want the guy to pick her up and open her door?

a.       YES

b.      NO – A girl is a princess and should be treated like a princess.  Like I said, Shivery is not dead; it’s the gentlemanly thing to do.

8)      Is family important to you?

a.       YES

b.      NOT REALLY

9)      Do you dislike it when your girlfriend has a lot of guy-friends?

a.       YES

b.      NO – because any girlfriend you have a relationship with, you should be able to trust around other guys.   Because if you can’t trust her, then ya don’t want her!

10)   Do you think it is important to get along with/have a relationship with your girlfriend’s family and friends?

a.       YES – because if they are important to her, then they should be important to me!

b.      NO

11)   What do you think it most important in a relationship?

a.       Trust

b.      Honesty

c.       Communication

d.      All of the above

12)   Is it important that you and your girlfriend share common interests?

a.       YES

b.      NO

c.       Other – Yes and no.  You should have some common interests but at the same time have individual interests that you can learn about and enjoy with them.

13)   What would be your ideal way to ask out (for your first date) the girl that you like?

a.       Over the phone

b.      In person, in a casual conversation

c.       Doing something romantic

14)   What is your favorite Bible verse?

All of them, because everything is good in the Bible!


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